Game Play Modes

Our app offers different game play modes for every type of user.

Single Player Timed

This mode allows a single player to play in a certain time limit.

Multi Player Horse

This mode allows two players to play a competitive game of Horse.


This mode is similar to the single player freeplay mode but is easily accessible from the home screen.

Single Player Freeplay

This mode allows a single player to play freely with no time limit.

Multi Player Timed

This mode allows two players to compete against each other in a certain time limit.

Future Features

Our vision is to create an around the world game play mode.

What is AR?

As a $1.1 billion investment today, it is difficult to believe that augmented reality is still in its early stages. A technology known for the ability to superimpose a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, AR is just getting its start - with massive success in the gaming sphere. AR capability was crucial for the success in development of SwishAR, with significant reliance on the updated Apple ARKit 1.5 technology.

  • Interactive with the world
  • Easy to use interface
  • Play on a flat surface by yourself of with a friend
  • Tons of features

Project Trailer

Check out our trailer to see the team's vision for Swish AR and how it came to life!

About Swish AR

Swish AR: a dynamic, interactive augmented reality game that brings players’ virtual basketball game to life. The app places basketball hoops on any horizontal surface in any real life environment so players can play basketball anywhere, anytime through the lens of their iOS device. With four different game modes and the ability to play solo or with friends, Swish AR allows users to compete against others or work to beat a personal high score. From shooting baskets from a desk in class to competing against a neighbor on an upcoming flight, Swish AR promises to bring hours of never-ending entertainment.

User Experience

A flow of how an individual will interact with our application.